Monday, 6 February 2012

Supernatural ?The Slice Girls? Episode Review

Supernatural is back on the air after a brief break. This latest episode featured Dean and a woman claiming he fathered her child. Read ?The Slice Girls? review below. Fans were most likely feeling pretty good for Dean in this latest hour when the ladies man decided to show his human side by spending some time with the opposite sex, and indulging in a little human connection, something were not used to seeing since the Lisa arc. He also seemed a little hurt after calling his one night fling the next day only to get the cold shoulder. With an average female this would have been unbelievable to viewers, but after the woman wakes up pregnant the next day its a sure sign that this isn’t like the days of Dean in the earlier seasons. Throughout the hour the Winchesters attempt to track down the woman and the cult of little girls she has been training to kill their own fathers, one of which is Dean. If anything the theme of this week’s episode was all about the older brother and strange enough, his humanity. Hard to pin down when this all came about, whether it be the loss of [...]


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