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Evanescence, Matt Pinfield Remember 1991: When Rock Rocked

Pearl Jam's Ten, Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger celebrate 20th anniversary along with Nirvana's Nevermind.
By James Montgomery

Pearl Jam's <i>Ten</i>
Photo: Epic

As the music world gears up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind, it's also bears mention that there were no shortage of other magical, massive and equally mythological albums that hit stores in 1991. To celebrate the year when rock truly rocked, MTV News has been asking some of today's biggest acts (everyone from Blink-182 to DJ Skrillex) to remember their favorite albums from that truly epic year.

So far, we've looked back at Metallica's Black Album, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Dinosaur Jr.'s Green Mind, My Bloody Valentine's Loveless and Slint's Spiderland. And now, a couple of professional music fans reminisce about two other game-changing 1991 releases: Pearl Jam's Ten and Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger:

Pearl Jam, Ten
A little more than a year after they formed from the ashes of Seattle's Mother Love Bone — with an assist from a gas station attendant/surfer from San Diego — Pearl Jam roared to life with Ten, an album that not only ranks as a cornerstone of American rock, but one of the most successful debuts of all time. Few bands went from relative obscurity to international superstardom with the speed of Pearl Jam, a breakneck pace seemingly predicted on tracks like "Once" and "Why Go." Of course, Eddie Vedder's contemplative, everyman (yet otherworldly) ruminations on "Black" and "Jeremy" added depth and breadth to the sonic squall. A classic in every sense of the term, Ten remains Pearl Jam's most popular release to this day, and the fact that the band is still going strong proves that not all overnight success stories have to come with an unhappy ending. Also, rather indirectly, it remains the greatest thing Mookie Blaylock has ever been (loosely) associated with, even better than Oklahoma's run to the 1988 NCAA title game.

As Remembered by Amy Lee, Evanescence: "We moved from Rockford, Illinois, to Little Rock, Arkansas, when I was 13. It was really hard, you know, right at the wrong age, didn't have any friends, didn't know anyone, moved to a new school. It was real preppy, didn't fit in ... all that classic stuff. And, at the same time, there was some music that I was addicted to, like, needed it, and Pearl Jam's Ten was one of those records. I had the tape ... and I would listen to it, turn it over, listen to the whole other side, start it over again. All night. Like, I could just lie in bed and cry or think ... that was the outlet. I love that record. I love 'Black,' that song's just so totally beautiful, I could listen to that one over and over. 'Alive,' 'Jeremy,' probably the biggest song on the record for me. That video, that kind of horrifying, childlike experience, it completely moved me and touched me. That had to be the song for me. I wore that tape out, completely. And, I remember, the [liner] had them with their hands raised, together, and I had that on my wall. ... They felt like I felt, and their music described things I couldn't say out loud. And that idea and revelation was so inspiring to me, like, I wanted to live inside the songs."

Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger
They'd break through to the big time with the follow-up, 1994's Superunknown, but to the purists, Badmotorfinger remains Soundgarden's crowning achievement, a sludgy, leaden thing that channeled the bludgeon of Black Sabbath and the keening vocal pyrotechnics of a million hair-metal frontmen. And, in the process, the band created an album that was heavily indebted to the past, while still managing to forge new territory that left their grunge contemporaries (and contemporary critics) grasping at straws. Pounding, primal, precise ... all the adjectives apply here, and on songs like "Rusty Cage," "Outshined" and "Jesus Christ Pose," they often apply at the same time.

As Remembered by Matt Pinfield, host of MTV2's "120 Minutes": "Badmotorfinger is such a great record, and it says a lot about the band and their songwriting, just the crazy time signatures on tracks like 'Rusty Cage' and 'Jesus Christ Pose' — it took balls to write a song and do a video like 'Jesus Christ Pose' back in the day — but also, if you look at how songs like 'Outshined' have lasted, how incredible they are as a band. Chris Cornell, one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time, Kim Thayil, one of the most incredible guitar players, just dirty, sludgy, tuned-down. Ben Shepherd, a powerful bass player who plays rhythm with his bass, and, of course, Matt Cameron, one of the greatest drummers ... still going strong, looks as young as he did then, playing with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. So, I love Badmotorfinger. It's one of the greatest albums in a year that had so many really great albums."

Share your favorite memories of 1991's seminal albums in the comments below!

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Photos | Ke$ha Gets Electro At Casio's Shock The World Event 2010

Ke$ha Gets Electro At Casio's Shock The World Event 2010

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Justin Bieber Thanks God For Best Male At VMAs

Biebs takes home Moonman for 'U Smile' video.
By Eric Ditzian

Justin Bieber accepts the award for Best Male Video at the 2011 VMAs
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Eminem showed no fear last year at the MTV Video Music Awards, nabbing Best Male Video for "Not Afraid" over Drake, Usher and B.o.B. But in 2011, fearless, lie-loving Eminem was no match for the feverish smile of Justin Bieber.

The Biebs took home the win for "U Smile," winning out over Em's "Love the Way You Lie," Cee Lo Green's "F--- You," Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and Kanye West's "All of the Lights."

After presenter Kim Kardashian announced his name, Bieber popped up, snagged a smooch with girlfriend Selena Gomez, and headed up onstage, where he delivered a heartfelt message about the role of a higher power in his ascendance to the top of the young pop crop.

"I just want to say thank you so much, not only to God but to Jesus," Bieber said. "Because I wouldn't be here without Him. He's really blessed me. He's put me in this position. So I want to say thank you so much."

The win marked two Moonmen in two years for Bieber, who nabbed Best New Artist for "Baby" at the 2010 VMAs (besting Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj and Jason Derülo) and who is quickly making certain his name and music are deeply engrained in the MTV award show. Last year, of course, Bieber opened the VMAs with a medley outside in Nokia Plaza. This time around, he skipped a performance but still found himself at the center of the action inside the theater.

"Also, I want to say thank you to all the other nominees," Bieber said. "They were amazing. I'm a true fan of all of them, so I want to share this award with all them. You guys are amazing."

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards are live now! Stick with MTV News for winners, photos, video and behind-the-scenes stories about everything going down. Visit for the latest.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Britney Spears - Circus



Ali Campoverdi Ali Larter Alice Dodd Alicia Keys

Meek Mill 'Ima Boss' Video Fulfills Boyhood 'Dream'

'As a young boy ... you had dreams of shooting a big video in your 'hood,' Philly MC tells MTV News of gritty clip.
By Rob Markman

Meek Mill
Photo: Jerritt Clark/ FilmMagic

It has been a breakout year for Meek Mill, and in his video for "Ima Boss," the Rick Ross protégé wanted to celebrate all things Philly.

"It felt good, man. That's what I always had dreams to do," Mill told MTV News about making a clip in his hometown. "As a young boy, you wanted to be a rapper, you had dreams of shooting a big video in your 'hood, everybody showing you love. It went exactly as planned."

Before Meek, rappers like State Property's Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Young Chris were the premier torchbearers for the city, and together they all appear in "Ima Boss."

"You know, they just came through and rocked out with me," Meek said of the cameos. "If they had a video, I'd come through and rock out; they wouldn't even have to call me. It's all love, it's all Philly at the end of the day," the Philadelphia MC added. "They opened the doors for me and I'm tryna open the doors for other people, so it's like we all work together to do the same thing at the end of the day."

The Benny Boom-directed video has no real bells and whistles, just a distinct street feel that has been absent in many of today's rap videos. Throughout much of the video, Meek Milli and his crew can be seen riding motorbikes through the streets, a visual that is reminiscent of DMX's 1998 "Ruff Ryders Anthem" clip. It is no coincidence.

"I used to always love those videos and I used to always run in the house and try to catch those videos coming on," the Maybach Music MC says of the old Ruff Ryders visuals. "The Eve videos, when Eve was sitting on the handlebars of the four-wheeler, I used to do that in the street just 'cause of the video."

Even the hefty Ross can be seen riding the streets of Philly on a four-wheeler. "He was with it, I was kind of skeptical about it," Meek said. "He was like, 'Whoa, let's ride through the 'hood!' I was like, 'You sure that's what you wanna do? This the jungle out here,' but he was with it. Ross is always like that when it comes to Philly." Like a Bawse!

What do you think of Meek's "Ima Boss" video? Tell us in the comments!

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Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash Light Up Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show

Foursome is joined by special guests and tons of lights for smash-hit medley.
By Mawuse Ziegbe

Black Eyed Peas perform during the Super Bowl XLV halftime show
Photo: Getty Images

The Black Eyed Peas promised a party at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday (February 6), and the pop supernovas definitely delivered, with a performance teeming with lights, dancers and surprise appearances from celebrity pals.

Following a commercial that showed animated versions of the Peas showing off their social-media skills, the group kicked things off with their 2009 smash "I Gotta Feeling," descending from the ceiling on illuminated platforms onto a stage surrounded by a cluster of dancers clad in white bodysuits. The foursome led the team of fist-pumping troops in "Tron"-like getups, with Taboo sporting an outfit covered in flashing lights, rocking a shiny hairpiece, wearing huge bright studs and Fergie vamping it up in bling-laden shoulder pads.

When the speaker-busting bass of "Boom Boom Pow" dropped, the dancers dispersed across the field to create arrow-shaped formations as the glow-in-the-dark lights on their suits illuminated the stadium. Then rumored surprise guest Slash of Guns N' Roses rose from below the stage for a "Sweet Child O' Mine" duet with Fergie. The GNR great rocked a finger-searing solo in a studded version of his signature black top hat as more angular platforms and dancers moved across the gridiron. The platforms were bearing scores of marching-band musicians who blasted their horns and pounded away on their drums as the Peas went into "Pump It" and blue lights splashed across the production.

Quick streams of fog heralded the arrival of the Peas' second surprise guest, Usher, who swooped in on a long chain to bust out his joint "OMG." Rocking a sparkly collar on an otherwise all-white ensemble, the R&B hitmaker cranked out several counts of energetic choreography, enlivening moves from his "OMG" video and at one point jumping over Will and landing in a split.

A spray of pyro ushered in the collective's breakout 2003 hit "Where Is the Love?" as the oddly shaped platforms spelled out the word "Love" in bright-red letters. The team of dancers, which appeared to have multiplied to over 100, formed hearts across the field as will updated the lyrics of the smash with lines like, "Obama, let's get these educated."

Then the group jumped ahead to their most recent single, 2010's "The Time (Dirty Bit)," as several back up hoofers rocking cubed helmets joined the Peas onstage and dancers lined up along the gridiron to simultaneously bust out the Running Man, a move which drew cheers from the crowd.

The platinum-selling Peas wrapped up the performance with a reprise of "I Gotta Feeling," as the quartet triumphantly signed off amid of blitz of fog, firepower and flashing lights.

Ripping the halftime show was clearly a touching moment for will, who tweeted beforehand, "Me and apl started the peas when we were 16 yesterday we were dreamin now were livin it. Wow. I'm not crying out of sadness or nervousness its joy and pride and memories and the journey."

And once the crew left the stage, the frontman was not only proud, but pumped. "That was so freakin sick," he wrote. "Wow...!!!"

What did you think of the Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl performance? Let us know in the comments!

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Kim Kardashian Steps Out For Lunch

Kim Kardashian stepped out for a bite to eat yesterday afternoon with her friend, Jonathan Cheban. It looks like they got a chance to catch up before having to brave the swarm of paparazzi waiting outside. Kim’s dress shows off … Continue reading


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Beyonce's Baby Bump, Lady Gaga's Jo Calderone Rule 2011 VMAs

Jay-Z and Kanye West's debut Throne performance and Katy Perry's Moonman haul also make a huge impact.
By Ryan J. Downey

Beyoncé on stage at the 2011 VMAs
Photo: FilmMagic

Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Beyoncé onstage together; Gaga kicking off the show in drag backed by a legendary rock guitarist; Adele pitting a stripped-down stage show against the likes of surprise performers Jay-Z and Kanye West's pyrotechnics; and legendary grunge trio Nirvana name-checked by Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Chris Brown like it was 1991.

It was, of course, the 2011 VMAs. And women ruled the night.

Five of the eight televised awards (including, of course, Best Female Video) went to strong females: Video of the Year (Katy Perry), Best Pop Video (Britney), Best Hip-Hop Video (Nicki Minaj), Best Collaboration (Perry, with Kanye) and Best Female Video (Gaga).

Speaking of Gaga, her Jo Calderone alter ego introduced on the cover of Japanese Vogue opened the show. With a dirty white T-shirt, black pants, boots and a pompadour to make John Travolta's character in "Grease" blush, there was nothing "Lady"- like about Gaga in drag as she took multiple drags from a cigarette.

Go backstage with Kanye West, Britney Spears and more at the VMAs.

After a monologue, Gaga in drag jumped onto a piano bench and started to belt out "Yoü and I." As the beat kicked in, she joined a group of male dancers who were all wearing the same outfit as her. When she introduced legendary Queen guitarist Brian May for the song's solo, the camera cut to a visibly enthusiastic Dave Grohl clapping wildly from his seat in the audience. Gaga cracked open a beer, climbed on top of her piano and sprayed the front row with the alcohol. Britney's mouth was agape during the performance, and Katie Holmes was smiling. Lady Gaga kissed May's cheek before she exited the stage.

The first Moonman of the night was presented by Nicki Minaj and Jonah Hill, who made hay with his very obvious weight loss and poked fun at fans on Twitter who've speculated his new physique might make him less funny. Minaj practically screamed "Britney Spears!" who collected the award for Best Pop Video. "I wasn't expecting this," Spears said. She thanked God, her kids, her management, her beau Jason Trawick ("I love you!") and "Till the World Ends" director Ray Kay.

Relive Beyoncé's big night at the VMAs in photos!

Pyrotechnics introduced surprise performers Jay-Z and Kanye West to the stage as the pair lit their microphones ablaze, trading verses from their landmark collaboration album, Watch the Throne. Jigga wore a much cleaner white T-shirt than Gaga while West was dressed in skintight denim and a matching button-up shirt, with an American-flag bandana in his pocket that matched their backdrop.

Rap gave way to rock as Shawn White joined Miley Cyrus to present the Best Rock Video award to the Foo Fighters. Cyrus professed her love for Nirvana, Joan Jett and Aerosmith just before Grohl told the crowd to "Never lose faith in real rock and roll music. Never lose faith in that. You might have to look a little harder, but it's always going to be there."

Pioneering punk rockers-turned-rappers-turned-multi-instrumentalists brought it all together afterward, albeit in a very different form. The "Beastie Boys from the future," as seen in the recent short film "Fight for Your Right Revisited," dance-battled Odd Future. Will Ferrell (as Mike D), Jack Black (MCA) and Seth Rogen (Ad-Rock) presented the Best Hip-Hop Video Award for "Super Bass" to Nicki Minaj, who called Lil Wayne "the best rapper alive" in her acceptance speech.

Demi Lovato helped give the Best Collaboration award to Katy Perry and Kanye West for "E.T." "Now this is the time where you want to interrupt me, Kanye," Perry joked. West called her "brave" for inviting him on the track despite the controversy that surrounded his famous VMA interruption in 2009.

Paul Rudd and Rick Ross joked about being confused for one another by the public before they introduced a crowd-rousing performance from Pitbull and Ne-Yo, who were joined by a group of burlesque-type dancers and green laser lights to rival any planetarium.

There were no pyrotechnics, laser lights, fog machines, backup dancers or anything else of the sort for the breathtaking performance from Adele, who Katy Perry introduced as "one of my favorite artists." There were no theatrics, save for the acclaimed British singer's powerful voice.

A commercial break separated the mournful pathos of Adele's intimate tune from the stupefied sexual innuendo of Beavis and Butt-Head, who teased their triumphant return to the airwaves due in late October. Nicki Minaj slapped Beavis and Butt-head's skulls together in a segment that mixed live action and animation reminiscent of when David Letterman fought the pair over a burrito at the VMAs back in 1994.

Kim Kardashian restrained herself from flirting with Justin Bieber when she handed him the Moonman for Best Male Video. His screaming fans enacted the "U Smile" title as he climbed the steps to accept. "I just want to say thank you so much not only to God but to Jesus because I wouldn't be here without him. He's really blessed me. He's put me in this position so I want to say thank you so much," he said.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a romantic night at the VMAs.

Chris Brown did some sharing of his own as he offered props to Wu-Tang Clan (with faux martial-arts dancing) and Nirvana (complete with flannel-shirted dancers jumping on trampolines) in the form of brief tributes during his performance of "Beautiful People." Clad in an all-white suit, Brown was backed by several dancers, lip-synching into a headset mic and flying into the air on wires.

Still in drag as her alter ego, Gaga returned to the stage to present Spears with the Vanguard Award. "When you're a struggling artist, literally starving for your dream, you gotta live off inspiration," she began. "One of my biggest inspirations was Britney Spears. Britney taught me how to be fearless."

Britney Spears calls her VMA tribute "an honor."

Kanye grabbed Jay-Z by the shoulders enthusiastically after Beyoncé's performance, when she unbuttoned her sparkly blazer to reveal a baby bump. Earlier in the night, before the show, Beyoncé beat out both Britney and Gaga in the choreography category thanks to her "Run the World (Girls)" video.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrate their big news backstage.

Standing beside Taylor Lautner, Selena Gomez pointed out that the Best New Artist Award had previously been won by folks like Eminem, Alicia Keys, Bieber and, of course, Nirvana. Winner Tyler, the Creator was joined by his crew as he rushed the stage and began an expletive filled acceptance speech. "Yo, I'm excited as f--- right now. I wanted this sh-- since I was 9," he said. "I'm about to cry."

Young the Giant were also joined by friends on the VMA stage -- 250 of them, to be exact. The Irvine, California, group, which counts legendary singer Morrissey among their fans, played directly to some lucky supporters and were introduced by musician/actor Jared Leto and "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana.

Microphone problems didn't stop Cloris Leachman from trading blue humor with the girls of "Jersey Shore" before they presented the award for Best Female Video to Lady Gaga. "It doesn't matter who you are -- gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgendered," Gaga, still in drag, declared. "You were born this way."

Russell Brand pointed out that Gaga is among those influenced by Winehouse. "Adele would admit her debt to Amy Winehouse," he said, as the camera cut to the singer nodding her agreement. "[Katy Perry], Florence and the Machine. ... When a talent like Amy Winehouse comes along, it affects everybody."

MTV's exclusive first look at the upcoming adaptation of "The Hunger Games" preceded the award for Video of the Year, which was presented by Katie Holmes.

After smooching her husband (and former VMA host) Brand, Katy Perry went out of her way to walk over to Adele before she made it to the stage to accept the award for "Firework." "I'm very proud of the song and what it stands for. And I feel like I'm doing something right when I sing that song," she said, echoing a familiar sentiment espoused earlier by Gaga about meaning in music.

Lil Wayne closed the festivities in a white T-shirt (a very popular clothing item this year, apparently) and sunglasses after a spirited introduction by Drake. His pants looked to be of black and white leopard print, topped off with a black fedora and ketchup and mustard colored Vans sneakers. He began "How to Love" like a sensitive crooner, talking with the crowd and casually walking to a microphone stand at first.

Naturally, his shirt came off and a band emerged to the riff from Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" as Wayne jumped around screaming "yeah!" and smiling wide. Wayne made his way into the crowd where he chest bumped Rick Ross and other friends. Wayne didn't even attempt to censor any of his lyrics, eventually making his way to a guitar which he threw on the stage after strumming briefly.

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards have wrapped, but the real action is just getting started! Stick with MTV News for winners, fashion pics, video and behind-the-scenes stories about everything that went down. Visit for the latest.

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Twice As Nice: Nahla and Satyana?s Floral Dress

Nahla Aubry and Satyana Denisof were spotted out and about in the same Splendid Littles dress.


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Khloe Kardashian Models Her Pink Fedora

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian may be in New York to shoot ‘Kim & Kourtney Take New York’ (which follows them operating the NYC Dash store), but that doesn’t mean their sister Khloe is going to be left out of all … Continue reading


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Photos | A Day In The Life Of Lady Gaga

A Day In The Life Of Lady Gaga

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Michael Jackson - History



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Mixtape Daily: Rico Love, Gunplay

The platinum songwriter and producer talks about his work with Kelly Rowland and Good friend Usher.

Photo: Triple C's

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'Dark Knight Rises' Director Is 'Genius,' Tom Hardy Says

'I just trust him and how he slowly feeds what he's about to do to the world,' Bane actor says of Christopher Nolan's 'enigmatic' methods.
By Kara Warner

Tom Hardy as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

The only problem with Christopher Nolan's hugely anticipated "The Dark Knight Rises" is that no one involved in the project can talk about it, and with such secrecy comes obsessive fanboy quests for spoilers and on-set footage and photos.

When MTV News caught up with "Rises" star Tom Hardy as he promoted another of his anticipated films, "Warrior," we asked what he thinks about the incessant quests for details about his character Bane and the rest of the film.

"I think it just shows that people are really into it. It's great," Hardy said. "If you love something, why not follow it?"

He added that he doesn't much care for those who seek out spoilers, however, and also hasn't paid much attention to the photos that have been released, official or not.

"There are photos out there; it's nice to see them," he said, before changing the direction of the conversation toward more general territory. "Chris Nolan is amazing. How he releases his films, he's a very enigmatic human being. It's genius, what he does, and I just trust him and how he slowly feeds what he's about to do to the world."

Speaking of one of the things Nolan and company have fed to the world, we asked for his reaction to Anne Hathaway's catsuit.

"I've seen it, obviously. I've seen it up front," he said, not willing to expand on the subject. "I think everything Chris Nolan and every person at Warner Bros. [does] is amazing," he continued with a cheeky smile. "As I do Lionsgate as well [the studio releasing 'Warrior']. Funny, isn't it?" he said when his "Warrior" co-star Joel Edgerton burst out laughing at Hardy's politically correct outpourings of love for everyone. "Mercenary of me," he joked, proud to be toeing the company line. "Ka-ching!"

Check out everything we've got on "The Dark Knight Rises."

For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit

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Bethenny Frankel: "I Have A Part-Time Nanny"

Bethenny Frankel has a lot on her plate! She's currently filming the third season of her Bravo reality show and taking on her new role as a fiction writer. She is penning Skinny Dipping, part of a three-book deal with Touchstone Fireside. Fortunately since she works from home, she still has time for 1-year-old Bryn after the nanny leaves.

She revealed, "I have a part-time nanny there at 8 a.m., and I usually have her leave at 2. I like to be with the baby. I have an easy baby ? and it's exhausting. She jumped into the dishwasher today. She's really structured, and she's still a terror."

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Friday, 2 September 2011

'Lone Ranger': Disney Wants Johnny Depp, He Wants Gore Verbinski

Disney's dance with "The Lone Ranger" just keeps getting trickier.
Deadline reports that Disney must accept the $215 million-ish budget that director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are presenting, or move forward without Verbinski... and, by extension, without Johnny Depp, who reportedly won't shoot the film without Verbinski behind the camera. Disney originally pulled the [...]


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Milo Thomas Bugliari: Alyssa Milano?s Baby Boy!!!

Milo Thomas Bugliari is Alyssa Milano’s baby boy! The actress finally popped after what seemed like the longest pregnancy in the world! Congrats to the happy family! I swear, Alyssa Milano was pregnant forever and a day! Girl finally popped today! She gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 9:27 a.m. – Get all the details at Radar Online. Billy Bob Thornton?s daughter denied new trial faces 30 YEARS in jail – get this crazy story at I Need My Fix. Oh, please. Snooki is too busy to Dance With The Stars. Sad when a dlister is turning down DWTS. They totally can’t nab actual stars! Celebrity Smack I’m sure she did!! Rob Kardashian says his mom forced him to do ?DWTS? Bumpshack. Evan Rachel Wood looks stunning on the Red Carpet at the Venice Film Festival – I’m Not Obsessed. Rebecca Black attended the VMA?s too? Who invited her? – Swanky Celebs Brooklyn Decker: former swimsuit model making waves in Hollywood – The Fashion Spot Justin Bieber in fender bender – he’s okay people! – Celeb Teen Laundry The Amazing Race: Season 19 contestants announced – Fit Fab Celeb Well, a huge congratulations to Alyssa Milano. She is [...]


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Beyonce, Lady Gaga Dominate Twitter Trends On VMA Night

Hashtags #whatwillgagawear and #DemiYouAreBeautiful also made an impact on Sunday.
By Kara Klenk

Lady Gaga at the 2011 VMAs
Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Just as predicted, the 2011 Video Music Awards generated even more buzz than last year, with over 3 million tweets sent from 8 p.m. ET at the start of the pre-show until the end of the West Coast broadcast, 11 p.m. PT. Which makes perfect sense when we're talking about a show in which Selena Gomez interviewed Justin Bieber, Britney and Gaga almost made out, and, oh yeah, Beyoncé announced her pregnancy!

Female artists definitely ruled Twitter this year. Bey's baby news made her the most tweeted-about celeb overall, with the first twitpic of her touching her pregnant stomach on the red carpet passing 600,000 views in six hours. In that same six-hour window, the VMA Twitter Tracker clocked the top subject as Nicki Minaj in the first hour, Adele in the next, and then Lady Gaga and Beyoncé alternating in the final hours. But the guys weren't far behind, with Jay-Z and Kanye West (a.k.a. the Throne), Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator giving the ladies a run for their money.

Britney Spears talks about Jo Calderone after their onstage encounter.

For the entire duration of the VMAs, over half of the worldwide Twitter trends were VMA related, and at points they dominated eight or nine of the top 10 trends. Trends tended to coincide with a celeb's arrival (Wiz and Amber), a live interview (Selena and Justin) or the live performances (Adele). But some humorous trends emerged as well: The Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, might have been surprised to see his name trending if he didn't tune in to see his doppelganger, Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone, appearing several times throughout the show. And Happy Trees trended briefly after Rick Ross appeared in a sketch in the show channeling the late painter and personalitya Bob Ross.

The trend #whatwillgagawear was one of the longest running of the evening, as was BEYONCE IS PREGNANT, which clearly called for caps, and #DemiYouAreBeautiful was a message to Demi Lovato from her many fans. Joe Jonas, Bruno Mars, Adele and Justin Bieber were all the subject of trends with words of encouragement started by their supporters.

The Twitter Tracker is continuing to monitor VMA activity, under top 10 celebs to check it out and see who's up in the days following the big show!

Top 10 celebs by number of mentions:

Beyoncé 280,000
Lady Gaga: 237,000
The Throne: 183,000
Adele: 159,000
Chris Brown: 110,000
Lil Wayne: 104,000
Tyler, the Creator: 72,000
Nicki Minaj: 66,000
Bruno Mars: 57,000
Katy Perry: 54,000

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards have wrapped, but the real action is just getting started! Stick with MTV News for winners, fashion pics, video and behind-the-scenes stories about everything that went down. Visit for the latest.

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Beyonce, Jay Z Celebrate VMA Baby News Backstage

B gathers with well-wishers -- including her Destiny's Child girls and Kanye -- declaring 'I'm free!' after onstage pregnancy reveal.
By Kara Warner

Beyoncé at the 2011 VMAs
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Another year, another unbelievably action-packed Video Music Awards. As expected, viewers were treated to mind-blowing performances and several jaw-dropping surprises. The most unexpected moment came courtesy of Beyoncé Knowles, who not so subtly announced to the world that she and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child.

When B unbuttoned her sparkly jacket and rubbed her belly with a knowing smile, after which the camera panned to a visibly elated Jay-Z and Kanye West cheering from the audience, the Nokia Theatre was bursting with warm and fuzzy well-wishes for the soon-to-be parents. And that very public moment of celebration was just the beginning.

When Beyoncé returned backstage to her dressing room, she was greeted by a team of people who enveloped the visibly happy star with hugs, cheers and congratulations.

Click for photos of Beyoncé's big VMA night.

"I'm free!" she said to one of the well-wishers, indicating that she and Jay are thrilled to not have to keep such a big secret any longer. "We're all free!" she said to the group.

A few minutes after her arrival backstage, she was joined by her husband, a very excited West (whose first words upon entering the dressing-room area were "Where is Beyoncé?" as if he could not wait to give B a huge hug) and her former Destiny's Child ladies, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Even with the doors to their dressing rooms closed, the applause and whoops of joy could be heard everywhere backstage.

"That was an eventful night, to say the least," Jay, still smiling, said to some of the revelers in the hallway, who continued to shower him with congratulations and hugs.

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards have wrapped, but the real action is just getting started! Stick with MTV News for winners, fashion pics, video and behind-the-scenes stories about everything that went down. Visit for the latest.

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Michael Stipe sings in R.E.M., sure, but he?s also an art school dropout who produced movies such as Saved, American Movie, and Being John Malkovich. The Creators Project recently caught up with him to discuss this visual work, his three-dimensional sculpture, photographs as source material, documenting Patti Smith, digital technology, Douglas Copeland and those crappy [...]


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'Glee' Season Finale Exclusive: Listen To 'Yeah!' Here

An a cappella girl group covers Usher's hit for Nationals in next week's episode.
By Aly Semigran

Photo: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images

During this week's episode of "Glee", the gang from New Directions took a big risk when they decided they would compete in Nationals by singing their own original songs. Well, the stakes just got a little higher.

MTV News has an exclusive first listen to one of the rival groups who will go up against the McKinley High glee club in New York City during next Tuesday's (May 24) big season two finale. In the upcoming episode, an all-female a cappella group sings Usher's 2004 club and radio smash "Yeah!," which may have the Nationals judges saying just that.

Singers replace synthesizers for the four-note melody that repeats throughout the song, and lead vocalists RaVaughn Brown and Missi Hale match the high energy that Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris brought to the track.

Granted, a few things have been tweaked in the version for the tween-friendly show, including the length (the original is over four minutes long, while the "Glee" version comes in at three and a half minutes) and the tune's instructions to "Take that and rewind it back ... got the rhythm make ya booty go."

Also, instead of Ludacris' verse, "We want a lady in the street/ And a freak in the bed," one girl sings, "You know you want a kiss on the lips, old red." The line, "Ludacris fill cups like double D's" has also been cut from the song.

But, it's not all PG. At one point in the girls' rendition of the track, they page homage to Lil Jon's crunk hit "Get Low," singing, "From the windows to the walls" and even Mystikal's booty-happy single "Shake Ya Ass," when they urge, "Show me whatcha' workin' with."

At the 2005 Grammy Awards, the power trio of Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris won the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Yeah!" But, will the song bring the same sort of fortune to this girl group at Nationals? Or will the glory all belong to New Directions this time? Gleeks will still have to wait a few more days to find out.

The "Glee" season finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox, while "Glee": The Music, Volume 6, including the three new original songs "Light Up the World," "Pretending" and "As Long as You're There," will be available on Monday.

What do you think of this a cappella group's version of "Yeah!"? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Britney Spears - Till the World Ends

Till the World Ends


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Ke$ha - Blow


  • Artist: Ke$ha
  • Label: RCA
  • Director: Chris Marrs Piliero


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Photos | Photos From Lady Gaga's 'MTV First' Special

Photos From Lady Gaga's 'MTV First' Special

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Photos | What Would 'The Vampire Diaries' Look Like With Justin Bieber?

What Would 'The Vampire Diaries' Look Like With Justin Bieber?

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Justin Bieber's VMA-Nominated 'U Smile': Frame By Frame

'We took a more mature approach in the video, focusing on him as an artist,' director Colin Tilley says of clip, which is up for Best Male Video.
By Jocelyn Vena

Justin Bieber
Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

In the Colin Tilley-directed "U Smile" video, Justin Bieber meets some girls on the street and becomes smitten with one of them. He then takes her to hang out with him at a big concert hall, where he makes her swoon by playing the piano for her.

The sugary-sweet clip is up for Best Male Video at the 2011 Video Music Awards, and Tilley, who also worked with Bieber on "Never Let You Go," spoke to MTV News about the behind-the-scenes of making the video just days before the VMAs go live Sunday.

The video opens with Bieber meeting some fans outside a theater, and the Flip cam footage they used for audio ended up making the final cut. "During this scene, we were only outside for 15 minutes, but literally paparazzi were everywhere," Tilley recalled. "It was pretty difficult, but I'm happy with the finished product. This whole intro scene was actually done very fast, because we didn't have much time before the sun set, so we really just had to go full-throttle."

While paparazzi and nature proved to be obstacles, a third was making sure that Tilley cast the perfect leading lady. "The girl's gotta be really great ... she was really nice and she did a great job," he said. "Justin and her clicked really well."

The video is actually pretty simple, with the focus of it being on "our classic piano in this beautiful theater, lots of great lighting. This is pretty much focused on Justin's performance.

"This song, in general, when I first heard it, I kind of got the feel that it was a more mature feel for Justin," Tilley continued. "So we took a more mature approach in the video, focusing on him as an artist and as a kid growing up. ... For me, this was kind of the place he goes every night to practice, so he was willing to take this girl he saw on the street and take her into his world."

For Tilley, the standout shots are of Bieber hanging out in an alleyway, calling to mind the images in Michael Jackson videos. "This is probably my favorite setup in the video," he said. "In this alleyway, it had a whole Michael Jackson feel. It was pretty iconic for Justin at the time."

As it turns out, the video was shot right after the 2010 VMAs, when Bieber took home his first-ever Moonman. "The night before, he had won an award and he just came to set with a great attitude; he was super positive," Tilley said. "I hadn't worked with Justin for probably a year. He's so much fun to work with. He's got a really cool attitude on set."

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards will air live Sunday, August 28, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following the Selena Gomez-hosted pre-show at 8. See the list of nominees, revisit last year's highlights and vote for Best New Artist by visiting

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Photos | MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Zombie Pop Stars

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Zombie Pop Stars

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Lindsay Lohan: Bleach Blonde Byron & Tracey Babe

Getting her hair worked on, Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday (September 1).

The "Mean Girls" star proudly showed off her bleach blonde locks as she strolled to her nearby car in a pair of colorful orange platform sandals.

The salon session comes as Miss Lohan once again has found herself mentioned in tabloid rumors - with the latest tale claiming that she's planning on adopting a baby.

The National Enquirer's "insider" alleges that LiLo told her pals that ?she loves kids and honestly feels being responsible for a baby would keep her on the straight and narrow forever.?

Denying any such plans, Lindsay has since told Gossip Cop that the baby adoption story is completely untrue.


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Britney Spears Nabs Best Pop Video VMA

Spears beat out Adele and Katy Perry with her video for 'Till the World Ends.'
By Josh Wigler

Britney Spears accepts the award for Best Pop Video at the 2011 VMAs
Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

The end of the world isn't such a bad thing — not if you're dancing while it's going on, and certainly not if you're Britney Spears. The record-breaking artist can officially mark Armageddon not with an X but with a big fat V, as Spears became both the proud owner of the Best Pop Video award and the first big winner at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (August 28) for "Till the World Ends."

Spears now boasts a grand total of five VMA victories so far with her win for the second single off of her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale. Not only was she up against a fierce group of contenders including Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" in the highly competitive Pop Video category, she also had to follow an extremely awkward — or extremely hilarious, depending on your point of view — opening exchange between presenters Nicki Minaj and Jonah Hill.

Showing off his brand-new slim physique, Hill kicked off the night with a "why did the chicken cross the road?" joke to prove that he hasn't lost his comedic chops just because he lost weight. But the punch line — "he did it for fitness" — didn't earn the guffaws he may have been hoping for.

"Oh, it's not funny? It's not funny that the chicken wanted to change his lifestyle and get a little bit healthier?" he shouted in mock anger. "Maybe the chicken should just drop dead at 40 so you can laugh a little harder!"

The lighthearted moment took a turn for the celebratory as Hill and Minaj announced that Spears was the champion in the Best Pop Video category. Spears, visibly surprised by the win, took to the stage with a brief but heartfelt speech to thank those closest to her. "First I'd like to thank God for blessing me so much," Britney called out to the enthusiastic Nokia Theatre crowd. She went on to thank her children Jayden and Sean — "Mommy loves you so much, babies" — before going on to thank her management team, fans and boyfriend Jason Trawick.

Accepting the award from Minaj seemed especially appropriate as the two are touring together on Spears' Femme Fatale outing. "She's a great artist in every way," Britney told MTV News of Nicki's skills last month. But the Pop Video award isn't Britney's only crowning VMA achievement this Sunday: She'll also be the recipient of the Video Vanguard award later on in the evening. Not a bad way to kick off the big night.

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards are live now! Stick with MTV News for winners, photos, video and behind-the-scenes stories about everything going down. Visit for the latest.

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'The Avengers' Assemble, With Other Disney Stars, At D23

We recap all the sneak peeks and news to come out of the Mouse House's movie convention.
By Terri Schwartz, with additional reporting by Kara Warner

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth
Photo: MTV News

"The Avengers" might not be assembling in theaters until May 4, 2012, but fans who attended Disney's D23 convention in Anaheim, California, over the weekend were lucky enough to catch the cast joining forces in person. MTV News was on the scene too, so stay tuned for our interviews with the stars. In the meantime, here's a little recap of the weekend's highlights:

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston and Cobie Smulders all showed up to unveil two new clips from the upcoming superhero flick. It was the first time the group has come together publicly since 2010's San Diego Comic-Con, and the first time "How I Met Your Mother" star Smulders has been part of the promotion for the movie.

Both of the clips shown focused on the showdown between the Avengers and "Thor" bad boy Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, AceShowBiz reports. The first showed Loki trapped in a high-tech chamber in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier, chatting with Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. It is revealed that the chamber was actually created to hold the Hulk, but will hold Loki because he threatens Earth with war and "a force [he] can't control."

The second scene featured Downey's Tony Stark chatting with Loki in a private bar. "Let's do a head count," Loki says. "Two world class assassins" — the camera cuts to shots of Hawkeye and Black Widow — "a demigod" — cut to Thor — "a living legend who actually lives up to the legend" — a glimpse of Captain America. Stark responds by saying, "And you, big fella, you have managed to piss off every single one of them."

"I have an army," Loki says. Stark strikes back, "We have a Hulk."

When MTV caught up with Downey and Hemsworth after the panel, the two were coy about any scenes other than the ones that have been revealed. Downey joked that his favorite scene in the movie was the one "in which we don't reveal anything about the plot," but Hemsworth admitted that his favorite was already revealed.

"One of our first days was the whole assembly," he said, referring to the scene that was revealed at the end of "Captain America: The First Avenger." "That was pretty crazy. Not only meeting Robert Downey and Scarlett and whatever, but it was meeting Iron Man and Black Widow and the Hulk. It's exciting."

Marvel wasn't the only Disney division doing some heavy lifting at D23, though. Pixar showed up with a slew of announcements, including some news about unannounced upcoming films, ScreenRant recapped.

First on the docket is "Brave," the Scotland-based animated adventure that hits in 2012. In addition to showing some new clips of the movie, Pixar also released a fleshed out plot synopsis that gives "Brave" more context. "Monsters University" received a summer 2013 release date slot, and Pixar also added two yet-untitled animated flicks to its upcoming releases. The first, directed by "Up" helmer Bob Peterson, speculates on what would happen if dinosaurs never became extinct and should hit theaters in fall 2013. The second, directed by "Monsters, Inc." 's Pete Doctor, explores inside the human mind and should be released at some point in 2014.

Also on the animation front, Shock Till You Drop reported on the "Frankenweenie" sizzle reel that was presented at the panel, which included footage from the flick, behind-the-scenes moments and interviews with the cast members. The title card for the movie was also unveiled, as well as the news that Danny Elfman will be composing the flick's score. "Frankenweenie" hits theaters October 5, 2012.

Jason Segel showed up with his "The Muppets" co-stars Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy to present two new clips from the movie, Entertainment Weekly reported. Clip number one featured an inside look at Kermit's house and showed that he's stuck in his '80s heyday, while clip number two showed off Muppets Rolf, Kermit, Fozzie Bear and Dr. Teeth trying to get the old Muppet Theater back in working order.

Not to be outdone, the cast and crew of "John Carter of Mars" presented four new clips from their upcoming sci-fi flick. Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins stood with director Andrew Stanton to show off the footage, EW recounted. The unfinished clips featured scenes where the titular Carter first lands on Mars, gets captured by Thark leader Tars Tarkas, has to battle his way out of a gladiatorial arena and tries to convince his lady love not to go through with her arranged marriage. Vulture said the clips had "a distinctly Pixar sense of humor," which can be attributed to Stanton's history with the animation company.

The last big presentation of D23 was for "Oz, the Great and Powerful," and though there was no finished footage, the panel did get to see James Franco's wizard and Michelle Williams' Glinda in costume. AceShowBiz said that a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel, narrated by director Sam Raimi, displayed concept art for the Emerald City, munchkins and the yellow brick road. The movie is currently in production in Detroit and is set to hit theaters on March 8, 2013.

Check out everything we've got on "The Avengers."

For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit


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Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Ne-Yo Have A Few Royal Wedding Gift Ideas

From 'guyliner' to American delicacies like Uncrustables, Kathy Griffin, Mike Posner and more tell us what they'd get Will and Kate.
By Terri Schwartz

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Photo: Ben Stansall/ Getty Images

What kind of wedding gift do you give the royal couple who has everything?

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is on Friday (April 29), so MTV News reached out to some of our favorite Hollywood celebrities — from Ke$ha to Adam Lambert. Fortunately, they had some solid ideas!

"I haven't met them, so it would be kind of awkward," the "Tik Tok" singer admitted to MTV News. "I might paint them something. Maybe I'll paint them a guitar."

Like Ke$ha, other celebs had suggestions that were from the heart, even if they weren't the most practical.

"I will go out on a limb and say these two individuals maybe haven't had Uncrustables before in their life. I would get them a strawberry Uncrustable," Mike Posner said about the pastry.

David Cook followed up on the all-American food idea. "I feel like they have everything except maybe they probably don't have an Applebee's gift card. I'll go [with an] Applebee's gift card," the "American Idol" alum said.

Other stars said they'd gift the British prince and soon-to-be-princess with an item they were personally best known for.

"I'd probably buy William some eyeliner," Lambert said. "He could do that, he could rock that look. I think."

Ne-Yo was more empathetic, saying he would give gifts that could help shield them from photographers and blend in with everyday people. "Three years' supply of sunglasses. Yeah, put them on. A bunch of baseball caps, throw those on, and try to move around like regular people," the singer said. "I can't imagine what it would be like having to live under that big of a magnifying glass your whole life ... and fake mustaches, that's what I'd give them."

Brooke Burke went the more traditional route, saying she would get Will and Kate a journal to record the big event. "I would ask them to really take the time to write down thoughts and phrases and wishes," Burke said. "And not really to lose sight of how they feel about each other now and to really hold on to that feeling."

Kathy Griffin had good intentions but the comedian couldn't resist a puke joke.

"If I had to get the royal couple a gift, I would get them the Royal Couple Vomit Bag, which someone sent me a photo of," Griffin told us. "So you can actually buy vomit bags with their image on it, and I think that that is an honor and I hope that they see it as such."

What would you give to William and Kate? Share your ideas in the comments section!

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The pop star is still under court-ordered conservatorship after a bout of erratic behavior in 2008. Her father and attorneys control her personal and financial affairs. Because of the conservatorship, she will not be required to give a deposition in the lawsuit from the company Brand Sense, which claims it helped negotiate a perfume deal [...]


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