Monday, 20 February 2012

Amber Portwood: No More MTV

It looks like we have seen the end of Teen Mom train wreck, Amber Portwood. At least for the next few years. Find out why here. This judge is going hard on Teen Mom Amber Portwood. I can?t say I blame him, but I don?t necessarily agree either. Amber has been in a world of trouble lately, most recently with a drug arrest. The Indiana judge ruling in her case gave her a plea deal which gets her out of jail, but off of Teen Mom. TMZ reports that , Amber has been ordered to live in a halfway house for up to 3 years and get a court approved 9-to-5 job that she must attend at least 5 days a week. Teen Mom will not count as having a job, and more importantly Amber is banned from taping while in the halfway house. Being she must live in the halfway house for up to three years and maintain a court approved 9 to 5, that puts her reality career on hold. The judge did ask that MTV not sue Amber for breach of contract, and they agreed. While I can see where the judge is coming from, I think [...]


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